Range Walking Club
Monday 28th December 1987-Local Area
The December walk will take place on Monday, 28th December 1987, and will be local. It is proposed that we commence the walk at 10.00 a.m. prompt meet at the corner of Larkhill Lane and Dunes Drive. The route will touch the Freshfield National Trust area and will then continue to Hightown through the T.A. Encampment. Soup, hot pies, balm cakes are available at the Hightown Hotel for those who wish to travel light. We shall return on the path alongside the railway line and would expect to be back in Formby by 3.30 p.m. The route can be extended or shortened depending on the weather conditions. In order to gauge interest and to ensure that nobody is left behind when we start it would be helpful if parties intending to go on this walk could ring Ian Gilmour and advise the number of people in their party. The next walk of the club is to be held on Sunday, 17th January 1988, and will feature the Whalley, Sabden, Barley and Pendle Hill area.

Leader: Ian Gilmour