Range Walking Club
Sunday 14th October 1990-Howgills-Sedburgh
The next outing is on Sunday, 14th October, and takes us to the Howgills, the area of hills lying north of Sedburgh and east of the M6 opposite Kendal. This area was last visited by the club in 1980. There are splendid views in all directions given reasonable weather. We leave school at 8.00 a.m. prompt and will be back in Formby about 7.30 p.m. Recently we have had to disappoint many members on each trip as the number/fares taken would not justify booking a second coach. The fares have not been increased since March 1983 and in that time the cost of coach hire has escalated. We have, therefore, reviewed charges and feel it necessary to increase adult fares to 4.00 from this month (October 1990). Recognising the aim of attracting the family, children's fares (under 18 yrs) still at school, will remain at 2.00. The new charges of 4.00 per adult and 2.00 per child still represent good value for a day out and it is hoped that additional funds will enable us to book a second coach when necessary. We trust you will agree with this decision and will continue to support the club. Please complete the slip and return to Barbara Craine, school office, by Thursday, 4th October. Early booking is recommended.

'A' walk
Starts at Gaisgill on the A685 and gains height gradually parallel to Langdale Beck until reaching the top of Windscarth. We then continue to Fell Head (623m) and turn east to gain height to the top called 'The Calf' (676m). From here we head for the top of Cautney Spout (a waterfall which drops 700') and descend by the side of it to join the path that follows the River Rawthey via hill side paths to Sedburgh
Distance: 13½ miles
Ascent: 2100'
Leader: Dave Luty

'B'+ walk
Sedburgh provides point of departure-we climb steadily to Winder (1551') then continue via the Breast of Aralt Haw to Calders (2200'). We then follow the ridge to The Calf (2220'). Turning eastwards we descend Cauthey Spout to follow the route taken by the 'A' party back to Sedburgh.

Distance: 10 miles
Ascent: 1400'
Leader: Merion Williams

'B' Walk
Starting at Rawthey Bridge we follow the same route as the 'C' party to Cautney Spout. We then climb steadily to Bowderdale Head and then onto The calf (2220'), at which point all the real climbing for the day is complete, This section will be taken at a sedate pace. We then proceed via the tops of various Howgill fells to Sedburgh including Calders and Winders. Weather permitting there are many fine views all around.

Distance: 8½ miles
Ascent: 1400'
Leaders: Valerie and Keith Ellard

'C' Walk
A delightful riverside walk with good views across the fells to the east and a short diversion to see the spectacular waterfalls at Cautley Spout. The walk starts at Rawthey Bridge (713979 OS Sheet 69/79) and follows the River Rawthey westwards before turning southwest to Cautley Beck. Here we leave the river and head northwest to Cautley Spout with the magnificent Cautley crags on our left. After viewing the falls, we retrace our steps back to the river and continue our way generally southwards along hillside paths which keep us about 100' above the river. Rejoining the river near Burntmill Bridge (679927) we follow the river bank to Sedburgh and the car park.

Distance: 7 miles
Ascent: negligible
Leaders: Janet Griffiths and Dave Griffiths