Range Walking Club
Sunday 22nd November 1998 - Ironbridge Shropshire

This month's walk takes us to the "cradle of the industrial revolution", Ironbridge in Shropshire. The club's last visit there was in 1986 and, if anything, the beautiful countryside around the town has enhanced with pathways and some wonderful views are presented. Ironbridge itself is a very pleasant town with cafes and museums well worth visiting, the latter, if not on Sunday, 22 November (walk day) then our brief visit should whet your appetite for further exploration in the future. Toilet stops are before or shortly after beginning each walk. As usual the coaches will leave school at 0800 hrs prompt and hope to be back in Formby 1930 hrs. The cost of travel is now 7.00 for adults and and 4.00 for children and students in full-time education and who were formerly Range High School pupils. Please return slips with cheques (not cash), to the school office by Thursday, 12 November in an envelope marked "Range Walking Club" Walking boots are essential for all walkers.

'A' Walk
Starting from the school (651106) the party will follow the lane under the M54 and take a footpath over Lawrence's hill. There follows a descent to a country lane before the main climb to the Wrekin (628081). The route down brings the party to Neves Castle (613070). For the next 2 miles country lanes will be followed through Garmston to Leighton (611054). From there a path along the bank of the River Severn leads to Cressage Bridge, just off the map. The party will then turn east, following a minor road to Sheinton Common (615037) and there take a footpath leading past Buildwas Abbey. A lane past the Power Station on the south side of the river leads to a caravan site and a footpath up through the woods to Bethall Edge (656030). The final stage of the walk is a woodland path leading to a disused railway track and the iron bridge itself
Distance: 13½ miles
Ascent: 1800'
Leaders: Arthur Jones and John Hughes
'B'+ Walk
This walk starts on the outskirts of Wellington (GR 651106) and at follows the same route as the 'A' walk involving a fairly strenuous climb of Lawrence's Hill with an equally steep descent to the road where some public convemences are available if required. From here we ascend the Wrekin (407m) which should hopefully be the highlight of the walk with extensive views in all directions, weather permitting. Descending to Neves Castle we now part company with the 'A' route and continue southeast along country lanes and field paths to reach Buildwas Church (GR 637047). Shortly after we cross the River Severn and pass southwest of the power station we join the Shropshire Way through Benthall Edge Wood to arrive at Ironbridge, the finishing point of our walk.
Distance: 10½ miles
Ascent: 1800'
Leaders: Dave Luty and Ian Mitchell
'B' Walk
Starting in Ironbridge we cross the River Severn on Telford's famous iron bridge and head due South. Half of the day's ascent is achieved in leaving Ironbridge (over a mile or so) and will be done at a comfortable pace. Turning west we head to Benthall Edge before turning southeast to Posenhall. From here we walk generally westward to the A4169 near Bradley Farm after which is the last climb into Traps Coppice. A gradual descent then takes us back to the A4169 and, going along the road for half a mile, over the Severn at Builwas Bridge and walk the north bank back into Ironbridge. The town is steeped in industrial history but there may not be much time after this walk to browse around the museums. As some footpaths are not used too often and are overgrown in places overtrousers will be an asset.
Distance: 8½ miles
Ascent: 900'
Leaders: John Rothwell and Phil Morgan
'C' Walk
A few minutes walk from the coach park will bring us to the iron bridge. After crossing it, we walk westwards through Benthall Edge Woods. This involves a considerable, though gentle, ascent overlooking the Severn Gorge. The descent which follows offers fine views of the Wrekin and over the Shropshire plain. After lunch by Buildwas Abbey (closed in November) we cross the river and return along its North bank.
Distance: 6 miles
Ascent: 500'
Leaders: Nikki Harrison and Patrick Ferguson